Welcome to PowerCraft!





Please go to forums, for updates, info and extra's on PowerCraft 

and Minecraft.  Please check frequently!  As rules will constantly be

posted and you MUST be aware of it! 



PowerCraft is a server for MineCraft.  This server was meant to be an RPG/Free-Build type server.  This server originated as a server called MineCity.  With the help of others from MineCity I was able to buy a VPS (Virtual Private Server)  so that I could host a better server for me, aswell as the other players.  To help the server from griefing you have to apply to be added to the whitelist.  Please wait at least a day or two to be accepted, because I might not always have access to my PC to add you to the whitelist.  Although 75% of the time you will be added almost instantly.





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