Rules and Regulations:

1. TNT, Lava, and Bedrock are all strictly prohibited.

2. No griefing of any kind.

3. No stealing other players supplies.

4. No building in restricted areas.

5. Admins spawning and giving items will be demoted.

6. No asking admins to spawn items for them.

7. No floating objects will be made on this server.

8. No Disrespecting others.

9. No extremely vulgar and or rude comments.

10. No client hacks of any kind.

11. No trespassing on walled/marked land without permission. (This includes houses)

12. Do not argue in global chat.

13. NEVER bother the admin. (Gam3rTr0n69)

14. No pixel art.

Application Form

*Note: If reapplying please so so!

You will NOT be e-mailed if accepted! 

 Note:  After applying you may not be added to the server instantly.  Please wait a minimum of 1-2 days, then if your still not added to the server please apply again.

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